Global Reforestation Through Innovative Technology. 



Advanced Silva Systems

The Problem


Deforestation including forest fires, land development and forest-management decisions are responsible for a worldwide loss of over 15 billion trees each year. Current reforestation methods are costly and lack effectiveness. 


Canada stands out as being unable to allocate the necessary budget to make a noticeable change and the number of treeless hectares is growing substantially each year. Governments simply cannot afford to plant trees to reverse the damage that has been done from both harvesting and forest fires using today’s reforestation methods.

The British Columbia (BC) Government indicates that about 259 million trees were planted in 2016 and approximately 266 million planted in 2017. Over the next 10 years the BC government will spend approximately $800 million on tree planting and other reforestation efforts.

The United Nations (UNEP), in its 2011 report, called for a reforestation investment of $22 billion per annum for the next 40 years. The lack of reforestation around the world must change if we are to effectively combat global warming and ensure the future of our planet.



Advanced Silva Systems

Our Solution


Our technology is based on extensive and historical research, thorough development and focused testing. 

We implant a variety of tree seedlings into our proprietary formulated capsules (simulating natural methods used by birds and animals) and use aerial distribution to cost effectively conduct reforestation. 

  Aerial distribution allows for reforestation in hard to reach and badly damaged forest regions where forestation would otherwise not be possible

Aerial distribution allows for reforestation in hard to reach and badly damaged forest regions where forestation would otherwise not be possible


We’ve eliminated the greenhouse, transportation and final tree planting processes to create a truly cost effective reforestation solution that works


Green Pods simulate Greenhouse conditions containing natural root additives that deter insects and allow for seedlings to germinate and grow into healthy trees


We've successfully commercialized a proprietary seedling pod (the "Green Pod") which will dramatically improve forest yields around the world. Using naturally occurring botanical principles, our pods offer a new way to reforest, eventually producing more forests faster with significant cost advantages, insect and animal protection and increased yield per hectare. 

Our technology allows for inexpensive reforestation of traditional logging operations, difficult to access sites, beetle damaged areas and forests badly hurt by fires. It also contains many beneficial root development and growth promoting features for seeds to develop into drought resistant, healthy seedlings.

Current tree planting procedures require intensive site preparation for successful seedling implantation and worker safety. Green Pods can be disbursed shortly after a forest fire or tree harvest without the need for any site preparation. Green Pods simply find their way down to the forest floor by gravity. The in-field placement requires no road access as helicopter distribution eliminates the need for seedling and manpower transportation to the site. This allows the disbursement of 1,000 hectares in 110 hours which even at best conditions would otherwise require 400 tree planters planting 1,500 seedlings per day. 


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